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I want to thank everyone that tolerated me during this time. Working full time and writing full time is a mind boggling experience.

EXCERPT FROM BOOK: The Passenger with the Airbag Off is a story of a woman living a life of make believe. Georgia Drake records her daily activities in her journals. Each joupassenger bookrnal entry is a step towards a profound freedom she has never known. Georgia’s world has been turned upside down when she stops taking the prescribed medications her husband and doctors insist she take. Will she be able to function as a normal person without the medications? Will she be able to remember why she needs the medication?
Her oil tycoon husband, Douglas jet sets her around the world to exotic and not-so-exotic places. Georgia feels worldly and extravagant at moments in her life because of her husband’s eccentric living arrangement for them, but is Douglas concealing the true purpose of their travels?
A mysterious young girl is present at every destination where Georgia and her husband reside. Georgia is torn with her emotions about the young girl. When Georgia witnesses an altercation between her husband and the young girl, her fears increase.



Or should I say Wrif-wraf writer? (Just to have a comical view of this)
Being a new author is so very hard!
In my mind I’m working hard, focusing on improving my writing skills, taking courses, reading reference books after reference book, reading how-to books. Rewriting my first, second, third, fourth and etc. drafts.
Then, there’s that moment when an established author will comment, “why would anyone self-publish?” Or “Ooooh, you self-published” or Oh, you should get an agent.”
If it was that easy, the moment a writer decided to be an author THEY would suddenly have an agent and publisher all lined up ready with a contract for that big publishing company. If it was that easy!
I submitted and the wonderful informative responses I received was to get knowledge of writing. To improve on my own writing skills, and then submit again. None of the sixty-five rejection letters stated, “Oh you should get an agent.”
I am new to the author process. We all start at the beginning.

frustrated-writerDon’t we?
It’s not like you write your first draft and boom, the top publisher is burning up your inbox. It is a struggle for all of us that wonder if our work is good enough.
I know each one of us comes from different environments, backgrounds, countries and upbringings. We all have our life struggles and boy do those struggles sometimes get us down. I make sure I am respectable of people around me.
I feel there are enough readers out there in this world that will read all of our books within time.
Unfortunately, there are those moment when I do cry because I wonder if I am good enough to have twenty people to read my books. I’m not looking for the million readers mark (even though that would be nice) but I know my reality, and just to have someone request my book is such a reward for me personally.
It took me a while to type this out. The handwritten version has sat on top of my printer for two weeks now, and tears and a shaky finger to hit publish, motivates me to type my feelings out tonight.
Be kind to your fellow authors, and write your little hearts out.


We all drive in the weather. Snow, hail, wind, rain, dust from the wind, ice on the roads, heat beating down on the blacktop roads. I just feel the weather has gone a bit crazy. Snow in May in Texas! What is up with that?

I am sitting by my window looking out at the trees blowing all over the place. Branches just dropping off and shattering as the old wood hits the ground. (I am suppose to be formatting my next book) but the sound coming from outside is down right scary.

I have sat in the storm shelter three times now, and not knowing what is happening is scary enough. The sound is the most terrifying to me. Created by the gods and mother nature herself, the sound of a storm can be ferocious to ones ears.

I am wishing everyone safe travels during this crazy weather event in the mid-west, and for everyone else that is on the road just trying to get home from church or work.

Be safe everyone. Get home and hug your family, kiss the four-legged family members as well.


The Longing to Belong (A story created for Faerie Magazine,

elf Magazine

The Longing to Belong


Finally alone, Naleen removes the beastly egg from her satchel. She is drawn to the opalescence of the egg. Each moment she touches the glowing incubator she feels the power growing within. She stands near the edge of the forest. The trees hide her well as she blends in with her environment. She wants to be part of this world. She wants to belong.


She gazes at the egg one more time. Will she risk her wellbeing for the life of an illuminating dragon? Can she put the dragon’s life below all her desires to belong? She wants to be accepted by the nightshade tribe. The leader, Marto told her she had to find the only illuminating dragon egg and destroy the unknowing beast.


The eggs motions caress Naleen’s fingertips. Her heart is pounding as she takes in a deep breath and whispers a goodbye to the unborn winged creature. Naleen’s fingers can’t release the egg. Tears form in her eyes as the egg reveals the true reason for its existence.


         The dragon wants to be loved as well. He is the last of his kind, without him the sun will fade from the earth’s atmosphere. Darkness will take over the planet. Guilt sweeps over Naleen and she cries for her misguided reasons. She swears her allegiance to the egg and holds it to her heart.


          She has found her true love for light and life.


St. Patrick’s Day 2017

My prose I wrote in #CreativeQuills at Tuesdays meetup:

Depressed and lonely Naleen walks to the park to access her life. She is trying to decide if her life is worth living. As she sits down on her favorite park bench she can’t believe her luck. A gold box was on the ground next to the bench. She glances around to see if anyone is watching her and she slowly picks up the box, tucks it under her shirt and quickly walks home.

Jeeter follows Naleen home. He’s been waiting all afternoon for someone to spot the golden box sitting next to the park bench. His job is easy: Put a box of gold where anyone can see if and wait for the magical change. He works one day out of the year. This should be an easy job.

Today, Jeeter hopes this year will be the change. The change that will transport him back home. He waits for the magic to happen.

Naleen opens the golden box and the gold coins sparkle in front of her eyes. the brightness of the coins bring tears to her eyes. She’s mesmerized by the contents of the box. She slowly reaches for a coin, but suddenly stops.

Naleen is no fool. This pot of gold can’t be real. It’s all a cruel joke. She closes the box, walks out to her trash can and tosses the golden box into the garbage heap.

Jeeter will be a leprechaun for another patty